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reading glassesProfesssional Book Editing—More than Meets the Eye

Copyright 2010; 2012; 2016 by Patricia Anderson


What do you think of when you hear the words book editor or book editing?

Some people might envision a precise sort of individual with a blue pencil and an eagle eye for mistakes of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. With on-screen editing now the norm in the book business, the old blue pencil has pretty much gone the way of dodo birds and Edsels. But it remains true that a strong command of the mechanics of language and an alert eye for spotting errors in a book manuscript or proof are crucial skills for any competent editor.

The most experienced book editors are also able to go beyond basic copyediting and, as needed, undertake more demanding editorial tasks:

But as important as these high-level editorial skills are, they are not sufficient in themselves to ensure that an author's work will be published. In today's competitive book trade, a truly effective editor must have a strong grasp of the market and a range of abilities that include:

The best book editors approach your work from every possible editorial direction, including mechanics, style, structure, concept, and market positioning. But the final, crucial direction is the one that you, the author, chose to take long before seeking out an editor—and the very best editors adjust their own approaches accordingly. While bringing your work to its highest market potential, such editors never fail to respect and prioritize these attributes of authorship:

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