6 steps to effective proofreading:

1. Run spell-check
2. Check spell-check: scroll & proofread on screen
3. Proofread the printed version
4. Read with deliberate slowness; don't skim & skip
5. When in doubt, look up spelling, grammar, and punctuation
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5

Error-proof your manuscript

How to get a book published

3 keys to approaching agents, editors, & publishers

Getting "a foot in the door" and your book manuscript onto the desk of the right literary agent, acquisitions editor, or book publisher is the biggest challenge a new author faces. To increase your odds of success, you must have a quality manuscript, professionalism, and a winning query and/or book proposal. These are the keys that will open the doors to getting your book published.

Key #1: A quality manuscript

Key #2: Professionalism

Key #3: A winning query and/or book proposal

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Three Keys to Getting Published
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